Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I keep this blog to keep others who are far away "updated" so to speak on our lives. I however, rarely if ever have blogged without self censoring. I find myself uncomfortable with being vulnerable, and putting feelings of frustration, anger, or confusion into writing.  The fear I suppose is that I may at some point regret what I wrote. So this entry is a new thing for me ... I have had a tugging on my heart for a while, at least a month to write about these topics.

I ve always loved Christmas time.  It's my favorite time of year. I love all that goes with it, the decorations, the traditions, the lights.  When Rhett and I were dating, I remember us scouring the local wal mart for the cheapest tree we could find.  Then we made ornaments, and garland.  The entire month of December we would make hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights.  It's just a great time of year!  Since the loss of my Godfather in 2007 I ve struggled to find that same excitement.   The motions are still the same as before he was gone.  It's such a weird thing to articulate ... I am filled with joy and sadness at the same time.  My joy comes in the experiences we have with our little family that are driven by the purpose of the season. The sadness however, makes me really want to withdraw from the activities that seem more superficial ... the office Christmas party, the professional open houses I needed to attend for networking purposes all hosted under the theme of Christmas.  My brain just isn't able to focus, and make cheerful small talk.   Perhaps it is the awareness that the joy with those we love can be fleeting.  Let this serve as a warning, unless your one of my children or my hubby I m not all that fun to be around during Christmas. I wonder if that will change in the years to come.

So let me tell you some of the joy we experienced this Christmas Season.  It is so much more fun to talk about the good, rejoicing in God's Grace is a great thing.  On December 15th Aly participated in her school Christmas program (as she has the last 2 years) now being a big first grader she is no longer a barn yard animal, but a candle holder.  The program as always was a blessing, and true sincere expression of the gift that our children are.  On December 16th (the 3rd Anniversary of Uncle Jerry's passing) the first song on the radio that morning as I drove the kids to school was I Can Only Imagine, which was played at his funeral. Ethan exclaimed "It's Uncle Jerry's song, he's still with us!" Yep, he is ... Thanks God for the reminder.  That evening the boys participated in their first Christmas program, since this is their first year at their school.  Joyful is the best description of being able to witness the sweet spirits of 100 little boys singing about the gift of Baby Jesus!

On Christmas eve I sent the kids in to get dressed.  Aiden came out in the red plaid shirt and black pants I had bought him for the evening, but had added his bright blue and mint green tie from Easter and his navy suit coat.  I said "Aiden you don't really need your jacket with that shirt" He interrupted me and said "Mom I wanted to look my very best for Jesus" I had nothing more to say, but said a little prayer thanking God for such a sincere child!  The best part, the priest stopped on his way into the church and complimented Aiden's tie.  Like everyone else we exchanged gifts, but it was our time together that was more of a gift.

2010 has been a rocky one, but I continue to be held in the Lord's peace and providence.  I am grateful for the faith he has given me! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Theobald Family.  We are all doing well, and enjoying our time together as a family.  Somehow this year I just never pulled together a Christmas Card, I do however have some words I want to share with others so watch your mailboxes for New Years Cards.

This year once again finds us at home South Louisiana.  We adore the community in which we live, and consistently are finding more and more ways to stay out of "town" and shop, eat and live within the small community we live in. 

Ethan, is 10 this year. After a year of homeschooling joined the school community at St. John Berchmans.  He loves his new school, is a successful student, and for the most part a joy to be around.  This year he played soccer for the first time, and is looking forward to the spring season.  Archery, camping and boy scouts are things he gladly fills his time with.

Aiden, is 9 this year and also joined St. John Berchmans.  He too is a great student, enjoys his friends and school, and keeps Rhett and I smiling and on our toes.  He was also able to play soccer for his school this year with Ethan, and proved to do pretty well at goalie.  Aiden is an intense sports fan, and catches his favorite teams (the Yankee's, the Saint's and the Steelers) whenever they play on TV.  Baseball season last year was a delight for him, and he's ready to play again! 

Aly, is 7 this year.  She remains at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  In celebrating her 7th birthday she remarked that she had been an "ASH" girl more than half of her life! Somehow I suspect she'll always be an "ASH girl".  This was her 3rd year playing soccer, and certainly won't be her last.  She loves it, and when it is not soccer season, she wants to know how long until soccer season. 

Rhett is working in the IT industry still, and is grateful to be employed.  He finds his enjoyment in his life as a Dad.  Whether it is weekend activities, a pick up football game in the back yard, or helping with homework ... our three blessings absorb the majority of his time and energy.

I am working part time for a non profit organization, and enjoying feeling like what I do matters.  Of course, my role as Mom still occupies most of my thoughts and energy. My perfect Friday during the day is spent helping out at the kids schools.  My role as student has changed a bit, as I have completed my Bachelors and am now working on my Masters. 

We will be sneaking away later next week for 3 nights of camping.  I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year next to a campfire just the 5 of us!  I hope our update finds all of you and yours happy, and healthy!

Amy and all

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am thankful for:

    Three amazing children, who all arrived in my life in God's perfect timing, who are such individuals there is no doubt we were all created with purpose in mind.

     my husband who is an amazing Dad, and even after 11 years is still my best friend.

     living in a place that just feels like home.

     the Oaks.

    passion.  I am passionate about my job, my field of study, and my future career.

    peacefulness.  We live in an area that is peaceful, and serene.  There is no road rage taking the kids to school, rather lambs grazing, horses playing, and occasionally a loose calf in the middle of the road.

   community. Our families lives are better because we are part of a community.
    Teachers who hug students.

    My Father.

    The time I got to spend with those who are no longer here.

     Library Friday's.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fieldtrip day

Today Ethans class went to St Josephs diner and helped serve meals to the homeless.  This is a diner I ve volunteered at several times before, with Americorps and different service groups I ve been apart of.  I was curious to see what his experience was like. When he got in the car the first thing he told me was that he hadn't eaten the lunch I had packed for him, because the teacher had told him to leave it at school because they would eat what they helped to serve at St. Josephs.  He then went on to tell me how great lunch was, but how he felt sad that he was eating food that maybe should ve gone to someone who really needed it.  More I am sure will come out about what he saw and thought about the day, in the days to come.  That's how Ethan (and I think other boys) works, he will share his thoughts when he has the time to process and apply them.

Tonight we had Cub Scouts, I really like our new Cub Scout pack.  It's just another chance for the boys to be with classmates, and Aly enjoys the other boys sisters.   It's super nice that they plan it with the meal included so it's a great time of fellowship, and makes it super convienent.  One of the scouts was telling us about his recent trip to DC and the Smithsonian.  I ve always loved DC and all of the exhibits around it.  I m ready to do another road trip with the kids this summer, and would love to include DC in that! Hopefully, time and finances will allow for that!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


On the way home from school on Thursday we came across 4 huge black birds in the road, from afar they almost looked like Turkeys ... While we were still thinking they were Turkeys Ethan said "Mom I have to put my bow in the car so that next time we see Turkey's I can shoot one" On driving closer we realized however, that they were vultures.  As we drove up they flew off. We drove past and Aiden said "Wait for there to be that many vultures something had to of died, what was it you think?" So I turned the car around and parked off the side of the road so we could go see.  Turns out it was an Armadillo, and a Skunk. Aly and I were completely grossed out, but the boys were quite satisfied to know what had attracted the vultures.  This was just down the road from our house, and just adds another species of suspects to what possibly killed our baby chickens last year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holy Cow!

It's hard for me to believe it is already November.  It has finally cooled off here, and I am enjoying the feeling of fall. Since I last blogged a few things have changed, but much is still the same.  No that's inaccurate nothing is the SAME, everything has evolved.  Although, I am still a Mother to 3 ... those 3 are not the same as they were yesterday, or even one minute ago.  God's grace embodies them and they constantly grow and change ...  it's amazing to watch.  Some may feel that's sappy or sentimental, but really what better physical evidence of the Lords providence than the hearts and minds of children.

Ethan and Aiden are back "in school" ... meaning they are in a school outside of the home.  They are at the St. John Berchmans which is on the same campus as Academy of the Sacred Heart where Aly has now attended more than half of her life.  When I drop all of them off in the morning I leave with a smile on my face because I know that they are where they need to be.  Their love of learning, love of their teachers and classmates, and sheer delight daily is evidence to me that all is well.  The school is unique, unlike others in our area... I d venture to say it's one of a kind.  The school is lead by 5 goals of education:
  1. Encourage a personal and active faith in God.
  2. Hold a deep respect for intellectual values.
  3. Educate to a social awareness which impels to action.
  4. Educate to the building of community as a Christian value.
  5. Educate to a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.
The effect of the goals can be ascertained by any observant soul who steps foot on the campus, or interacts with it's student body.  Rhett and I are grateful to have the kids in a school that is on the same page as what we ultimately want for our children.  To live out the purpose for which God created them.  Day to day we are doing all the same things that any young family with three kids is doing.  All three kids played soccer this year, it was a successful season.  For Ethan and Aiden it was their first season, and they enjoyed playing as part of the school team. For Aly it was her 3rd season, and she again enjoyed playing with her classmates.  Rhett and I enjoy the school athletic community, and the time we get to spend watching them play.

The boys have joined the Cub Scout troop at their school and are looking forward to this being their last year of Cub Scouts and moving on to Boy Scouts.
The boys have made new friends and enjoy all of the social events that come with that.  I am nearing the end of my first semester of Graduate school, and am really enjoying all that I am learning. 

In April, we welcomed two puppies to the family.  Their names are Grand and Coteau.  A family at Aly's school was kind enough to give them to us, and we all have really enjoyed them. They are half lab half Australian Shepherd.  Cute as can be, and smart!  In case your wondering about their names, Grand Coteau is the small town in which the kids' school is located. It's a special place, I can't really articulate why ... it just is.  So Rhett named the puppies and it ended the argument that the kids were having over the names!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life as Usual

Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending the day with Troy and Bonnie, and their three children Orry (who Ethan keeps calling Ozzy) Isaac (who is at that cute almost two age) and Annie (who Ethan thinks should ve been named Tronnie).  Above the good company of Troy and Bonnie, it is fun to be around a family who has some commonalities with our own.  6 years ago we had 3 little ones age 3 and under.  At that time we were in Idaho, plotting our move.  We really had no idea what was next, just knew Idaho wouldn't be the place that we stayed.

Since moving to Louisiana we have always been surrounded by family when we need it most.  It's not a daily thing or even a monthly thing sometimes, but our first 3 years here it was always when we had that need .. you know the one that is deep inside that you that you may not even realize is there until it is a filled up after a nice visit with those you love.  In the last 2 years those visits have decreased, with my Uncle/Godfather passing away and my Aunt/Godmother moving (to all places Idaho) there were those days where Louisiana began to feel as lonely as Idaho did.  Our hearts and spirits however are being filled on a  daily basis by the friends that have become more like family.  On those days when I have that need for those family members I am missing I end up picking up the phone, and calling one of those people I just need to hear their voice.  I am excited that several of those people we miss often we will be getting to spend  a week with this summer, all of Rhett's siblings and his parents will be together for several days in July.  The kids are excited to see cousins, and I am excited to see the rest of the clan.

Our days are filled with baseball games and theater rehearsals.   Ethan is dancing and singing up a storm in preparation for the big show Seussical Jr.  Aiden is loving every minute of baseball, and does little else.  Aly is happily floating between being the tomboy throwing balls with Aiden and the drama queen practicing songs and dance moves with Ethan.  We are embracing the spring, and bracing for the Louisiana summer. I even started putting together our hurricane kit together today.  We are planting a garden, working on landscaping, and playing alot of catch outside.  There is a possibility of a new member of the family soon, not of the human species.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Held in the Lord's Peace

As I reported in our yearly update, in November Rhett was laid off.  He and I had been praying for guidance regarding his job and my transition from school for about 6 months.  A lay off certainly wasn't the answer we were expecting, you could say it wasn't what we were desiring either.  After the initial shock wore off (within about an hour) we were both overcome with a sensation of peace.  Rhett said to me "you know, I feel ok about this.  God will lead us where we are meant to be."  So rather than being nervous, anxious and upset during this time we were both blessed with feelings of peace, faith and enthusiasm about what God had in store next.  The last 4 months Rhett spent the majority of his time doing what I think he does best, being a Dad.  He has helped out at Aly's school, come up with homeschooling projects to do with the Ethan and Aiden, and taken the opportunity to do things like take the kids to the park, to the library, things that he can't do when he is at work all day.

In January we found out what God had in store next for me.  I was offered a part time Parent Liason Position with a non-profit organization Families Helping Families. The hours are very flexible, and I get to do something I am very passionate about.  Encouraging parents and helping them find resources for their children is not something I ever imagined I would get a pay check for.  Earlier this week Rhett was offered a job doing IT stuff for a helicopter company.  He started Wednesday, and thinks he is really going to enjoy it.

I am thankful for the blessing of time together we had, but also grateful for the new employment opportunities.  When we decided to home school the Boy's this year, part of our motivation was we wanted to have the time to spend with them so that we would truly know what the best choices for them in the future would be.  We wanted the hands on chance to assess their strengths and weakness'.  Thanks to the blessing of time, Rhett was also able to fully experience schooling with them.  So when we sat down to discuss our options for next year, we both had the blessing of the full picture.

I suspect this will not be the last time in our lives that we go through a difficult time.  My hope is that when we are faced with difficulty we have the ability to have faith, and rely on God's grace to pull us through.

Can you believe it's March already? Ethan and Aly are enjoying CYT (Christain Youth Theater) and Ethan auditioned and was cast in the musical Seussical Jr. So we look forward to seeing the end result in May.  Soccer is back in swing for Aly, and she played her first spring game yesterday.  Aiden is excited to try Baseball this year for the first time, it should be starting soon.