Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Marches On

The last few months have been full one's... I ll attempt to reflect on them, and then within the next week I will post some new pictures of our growing children. Tonight, being a Friday in Lent we went to eat seafood as is somewhat of a family tradition. Sometimes we just do tuna at home, but at least a few times we like to get out and enjoy our local culture. So tonight we did just that. The kids enjoyed learning to peel crawfish...Rhett enjoyed eating the ones I peeled for him, and we all enjoyed the music and company. Rhett had on a Jayhawk t shirt, and in walking to the dance floor met a couple who was from Lawrence but lives in Louisiana now.
The kids are barrelling through life at top speed. My favorite time of day is when they first wake up and are still groggy, they all still come out of their rooms and cuddle with Rhett or I ... it's nice to have my "babies" back for that 5 or so minutes. Our typical day has us all out of the house at 7am and returning home between 6 and 7 pm. Usually the week has passed and it seems that yesterday was Monday...
Boyscouts has been eventful in the last few months for the boys. They both qualified for regionals in the pinewood derby race, and enjoyed competing in that with Rhett's help. This weekend they are headed out of town with boyscouts and I will be joining them later on Sat. we'll all come home on Sun. Aly is playing soccer, and enjoying school and friends.
Rhett is keeping up with work, and being the Worlds Greatest Dad in his downtime. I m taking 20 hours this semester, and trying to finish up my service committment with Americorps.