Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Conversations in the car

Pictures from the baseball game the other day.

Today Aiden says to Ethan "Do you want to live in Louisiana when we get older, because I m planning on living with you..." Ethan says "no probably not Louisiana" Aiden says "where then," Ethan says "Maybe Texas" Aiden says "Na too hot" Ethan says "Antartica" Aiden says "Way too cold" Ethan says "Maybe louisiana after all, maybe New Orleans" Aiden says "Yeah, and I m gonna buy us both dart guns, it's gonna rule"

So funny, and cute...I love that they are such good friends!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A few Pictures and it's all in the details.

Sorry for the blurriness, our camera's getting a little old. Anyway's this is Aly graduating Pre K 3.

Aly with Mrs. LeBlanc.

We've had a relaxing couple of days at home. I had to laugh yesterday when Rhett got home Aly had to tell him " I had a bologna and cheese sandwich with my broccoli and cheese soup for lunch, it was yummy" Aiden says, "I didn't even have lunch" Aly says yes you did "You had beanie weenies" Aiden says "Oh Yeah I forgot" Aly then went on to share every little detail of her day, when she changed clothes, what we did outside etc. Aiden says "We didn't do anything today." It's so funny to me how to Aly every little detail is of upmost importance, and with the boys the details really don't matter much.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a fun weekend. On Thursday evening we celebrated the end of the school year by going to Tokyo Live, a hibachi restaurant. The kids loved it as did Rhett and I. We all had various meats with veggies and rice, and Ethan had a Crunchy Sushi Roll. Ethan loves's nice when he shares too.

Friday the kids and I spent the day together, ran some errands, and just hung out at home. The kids played in the sprinkler, napped, played some games etc.

On Saturday we hung out at home for awhile, and then decided to go to the UL baseball game. It was the Sunbelt Championships and UL was playing UNO (University of New Orleans). This was the first time we had taken the kids to a game. Pre kids Rhett and I enjoyed baseball games alot....the kids had a good time, and perhaps were more interested in the peanuts than the game but that's ok. UL lost by one run, but it was a good game, with lots of excitement. We enjoyed the Cajun fans (UL is the Ragin Cajuns) and just really had alot of fun. We left thinking we should go to more athletic events, especially since it is so inexpensive(I'm free, and the rest of the family is cheaper than a movie ticket). During the game they announced that the UL Women's Softball team qualified for the College World Series. I'm excited, several of the softball players are fellow CODI (communication disorders) majors, I know how hard they work to balance training and that's exciting for them! It definitely was a warm day, but towards the end of the day started to cool off and be quite beautiful.

This week will be our off week before our chaos of summer begins, and I plan to do things mostly at home. Hopefully, tomorrow we can get the pool set up and some more house work done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Happenings in the Theobald house

Well it's that time where we are wrapping up school years, and bracing for summer. Perhaps the most "new" thing in our home is that two weeks ago I ended my employment at the casino. Rhett and I had thought on it for a long time, and prayed about it as well, and it was just time. The commute was too long, the hours not working for our family anymore, and too many other negatives to mention. So now I am "just" working for the University...which is awesome because it's what I really enjoy and it works well with my now on to the important people in our lives...the kids!!!

Ethan, has had a great year this year! Academic wise he is an A&B student with the exception of an 81%C in French last nine weeks. Although we began the year concerned about his reading level, he is now testing on a 4th grade level, enjoys reading, and is really into several different books. He was chosen as Student of the Month in April, and consistently maintains A's in conduct. Taekwondo has been a little bit of a struggle this year, as the boys advance in rank the material and expectations get tougher(as it should) but the boys are no longer flying through their ranks as before. They are more than halfway to their blackbelts...and most importantly are still enjoying it. They love learning new things as they advance in rank like board breaks, self defense techniques and sparring techniques. He enjoys his school. I am amazed at how well he speaks french, and reassured constantly at the benefits of immersion. He is growing into quite a young man, he is thoughtful and sweet, he has quite an imagination, and enjoys building and doing things. Math and Science are his strengths.

Aiden, also has had a great year. He has been on A&B honor roll all year, and also is reading "above" grade level. He is the same rank as Ethan in Taekwondo (purple) but struggles a little less in Taekwondo than Ethan. He too is enjoying his school. He remains feisty, and energetic. His strengths are Math and anything artistic and expressive. He still loves his camera that he got for Christmas and takes a lot of photos.

Aly, has had a perfect year for her first year of "school". Everyday when she comes out of school she bounces to the car. Her teacher Mrs. Leblanc is one of those women who loved my child as if she was her own, as such Aly was nurtured and loved everyday at school... Mrs. Leblanc is leaving full time teaching because she wants to be home and more available for her own child, I am thankful that we were blessed enough have her for Aly's first year of school. All of the teachers are amazing...but Mrs. Leblanc was just a true gift. Academic wise she has under control everything a four year old needs to have control of, and more. She is a girly girl, but can hang tough with her brothers as well. She also continues to do taekwondo and is a green belt. She loves her baby dolls, and dress up, and princess' and anything pink.

Next year Aly will continue at the school she was at this year, she will be in PK4. Rhett and I are sold on the benefits of single gender education, and couldn't imagine a better place for our daughter to be. Our only regret is that it's not as available for the boys. The boys will continue in their immersion program at the school they are at now.

Our summer is already filled. I am teaching 8 weeks of camp this summer at the University as well computer classes at the University. Ethan is doing 7 weeks of half day camp at the University, and Aiden and Aly have one week of day camp planned at Aly's school. Other than that the kids will come to camp with me. We do however have some getaways planned. In June we will be headed to Little Rock for the ATA World Championships. Rhett's parents are meeting us there so it will be nice to see them, it's been a while. My Dad I believe is also planning on coming, which will be great. I feel really lucky to get to see him as much as I do, and love how much a part of our kids life he is! In August we will spend some time on the beach, and then head to my cousin's wedding...Aly is the flower girl..and is SO excited!

This week we have awards ceremonies and closing ceremonies for all of the I will post some pictures when I have a chance.