Saturday, November 13, 2010


On the way home from school on Thursday we came across 4 huge black birds in the road, from afar they almost looked like Turkeys ... While we were still thinking they were Turkeys Ethan said "Mom I have to put my bow in the car so that next time we see Turkey's I can shoot one" On driving closer we realized however, that they were vultures.  As we drove up they flew off. We drove past and Aiden said "Wait for there to be that many vultures something had to of died, what was it you think?" So I turned the car around and parked off the side of the road so we could go see.  Turns out it was an Armadillo, and a Skunk. Aly and I were completely grossed out, but the boys were quite satisfied to know what had attracted the vultures.  This was just down the road from our house, and just adds another species of suspects to what possibly killed our baby chickens last year.


Mama T said...

an armidillo?! i've never seen an armidillo!!! how cool. AND a skunk?! like, together? like, they were fighting and they both died???
that's what i would do with the information. make up a fun story of what happened to kill the armidillo and the skunk. maybe it was the vultures!!! :)

LouisianaMom said...

We keep smelling the skunk on our way home ... Aiden said today "I wish those vultures would ve done a better job!"