Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from South Louisiana!  As this year comes to a close it is hard to believe how full this year was.  Our house is busy, loud, and often times chaotic … I suspect one day Rhett and I will miss all of the activity!

This year Ethan (14), Aiden (13), and Aly (11) are all students at the Schools for the Sacred Heart, as they have been for years now.  All are good students, and enjoy school.  All are active in Scouting, and the boys are getting closer and closer to Eagle Scout.  All are active in athletics.  Both boys play lacrosse, this will be their third season.  Ethan is a defender, and Aiden plays Goalie.  Aly swims, played volleyball and basketball for school and this year will also be playing lacrosse.  We had hoped that there would be enough girls to put together a girls’ team, but there wasn’t so Aly will be playing on the boy’s team.  The women’s and men’s games in lacrosse are totally different, but Aly will be playing Goalie which is a position that will be the same for either gender.

Day to day life for Rhett and I has drastically changed this year.  In June I opened BrightSpots Behavior and Learning.  We provide Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, for children with developmental disabilities such as Autism.  I started off sharing space with a dear friend who is also a mentor.  In August we moved into our own space.  It’s been a crazy fast, crazy good transition.  I am lucky to have found great people to work with me.  Rhett left his position at Radar Solutions, and now is handling the business side of the practice.  For me it’s a dream come true, I spend my days doing what I love.  Rhett is enjoying his role, is great with our staff, and makes it possible for me to just be a clinician.  In our off time we both spend the majority of our time between scouting, and various sports.  Rhett is coaching Aly’s basketball team, and will help as an assistant coach on the lacrosse field as well.

In September, I had a little health scare when I picked up an infection from the Gulf during our annual beach trip.  Recovery has been quite the process, and is still going on to some extent.  I have been blessed with amazing health care, and am quite thankful for healthcare providers who are not only great caregivers but friends as well.

Our summer was full as always, but we were grateful to get a chance to see all of Rhett’s brothers and sisters and his parents for a few days in July.  All of the kids enjoyed quite a bit of travel between camps, family visits, sports and trips with friends. 

2015 promises to also be a full year.  We have several trips planned, and hope to find chances to connect with family we don’t get to see often enough.  We pray that 2015 is one filled with good health, and blessings for you and yours. Merry Christmas!

The Theobalds
Rhett, Amy

Ethan, Aiden and Aly