Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fieldtrip day

Today Ethans class went to St Josephs diner and helped serve meals to the homeless.  This is a diner I ve volunteered at several times before, with Americorps and different service groups I ve been apart of.  I was curious to see what his experience was like. When he got in the car the first thing he told me was that he hadn't eaten the lunch I had packed for him, because the teacher had told him to leave it at school because they would eat what they helped to serve at St. Josephs.  He then went on to tell me how great lunch was, but how he felt sad that he was eating food that maybe should ve gone to someone who really needed it.  More I am sure will come out about what he saw and thought about the day, in the days to come.  That's how Ethan (and I think other boys) works, he will share his thoughts when he has the time to process and apply them.

Tonight we had Cub Scouts, I really like our new Cub Scout pack.  It's just another chance for the boys to be with classmates, and Aly enjoys the other boys sisters.   It's super nice that they plan it with the meal included so it's a great time of fellowship, and makes it super convienent.  One of the scouts was telling us about his recent trip to DC and the Smithsonian.  I ve always loved DC and all of the exhibits around it.  I m ready to do another road trip with the kids this summer, and would love to include DC in that! Hopefully, time and finances will allow for that!

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Mama T said...

that's sweet. i hope he tells his teacher those feelings...
but, on the other hand, i think it's good that she/he had them eat what they were serving. some kids probably turned their nose up at it and maybe their hearts were changed because of the meal they HAD to eat!