Sunday, March 7, 2010

Held in the Lord's Peace

As I reported in our yearly update, in November Rhett was laid off.  He and I had been praying for guidance regarding his job and my transition from school for about 6 months.  A lay off certainly wasn't the answer we were expecting, you could say it wasn't what we were desiring either.  After the initial shock wore off (within about an hour) we were both overcome with a sensation of peace.  Rhett said to me "you know, I feel ok about this.  God will lead us where we are meant to be."  So rather than being nervous, anxious and upset during this time we were both blessed with feelings of peace, faith and enthusiasm about what God had in store next.  The last 4 months Rhett spent the majority of his time doing what I think he does best, being a Dad.  He has helped out at Aly's school, come up with homeschooling projects to do with the Ethan and Aiden, and taken the opportunity to do things like take the kids to the park, to the library, things that he can't do when he is at work all day.

In January we found out what God had in store next for me.  I was offered a part time Parent Liason Position with a non-profit organization Families Helping Families. The hours are very flexible, and I get to do something I am very passionate about.  Encouraging parents and helping them find resources for their children is not something I ever imagined I would get a pay check for.  Earlier this week Rhett was offered a job doing IT stuff for a helicopter company.  He started Wednesday, and thinks he is really going to enjoy it.

I am thankful for the blessing of time together we had, but also grateful for the new employment opportunities.  When we decided to home school the Boy's this year, part of our motivation was we wanted to have the time to spend with them so that we would truly know what the best choices for them in the future would be.  We wanted the hands on chance to assess their strengths and weakness'.  Thanks to the blessing of time, Rhett was also able to fully experience schooling with them.  So when we sat down to discuss our options for next year, we both had the blessing of the full picture.

I suspect this will not be the last time in our lives that we go through a difficult time.  My hope is that when we are faced with difficulty we have the ability to have faith, and rely on God's grace to pull us through.

Can you believe it's March already? Ethan and Aly are enjoying CYT (Christain Youth Theater) and Ethan auditioned and was cast in the musical Seussical Jr. So we look forward to seeing the end result in May.  Soccer is back in swing for Aly, and she played her first spring game yesterday.  Aiden is excited to try Baseball this year for the first time, it should be starting soon.

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