Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Ethan

 Ethan is celebrating his 8th birthday. 

 It seems like yesterday, he joined our lives and made us a family!

At only 13 months he became "The Big Brother"

By the time Ethan was two they were best buddies.

Shortly after he turned Three he got to teach Aiden all about the big brother role, when Aly came along!

By age four, he was all about trying new things.

By age 5 he had trained two younger siblings, and learned how to make new friends when we moved across the country.
By age six he had the school thing more than down pat!

By age 7 Martial Art's had become an important part of his life.

At age 8 Ethan is of course in our eye's our little boy.

But he is also a sweet, inquisitive, imaginative, smart young man.  He is a goal setter, the first day of school he informed me "My goal this year is to make honor roll, and to be the Student of the Month again." he informed me of this without me even asking.  He holds himself to high standards sometimes this brings on anxiety, he get's so worried about doing whatever perfect that he freezes up and gets super nervous. He rarely meets a stranger, and will talk your ear off if he has the opportunity.  He enjoys building things, and doing things with his hands.  He loves school, and really enjoys learning French. He is always asking questions about other countries, about the possibility  of traveling abroad, he loves seeing new things and new places.  If you ask him what he want's to be when he grows up he will tell you a robot mechanic, he is fascinated with the fact that college teams build bots and do competitions.  His favorite cartoon is Ben Ten, which is all about a boy super hero that turns into ten different aliens, it's your classic good vs bad story over and over again.  I doubt that it is a coincidence that Ben 10 has a Grandpa that has alot of similarities to my Dad, Ethan and PaPa have a great bond.  He enjoys reading magic tree house books, and anything with an adventurous plot.  He is helpful at home, and tries to be a leader to his siblings. Even before he was born he was a blessing to his Dad and I!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

We will celebrate his birthday at lunch tomorrow, hopefully Aunt Lydia will join us. We have a family trip planned for Sept. to celebrate all of the kids birthdays, and our wedding anniversary.  The kids think we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, but we are surprising them with one of their favorite places...any guesses where?

In Family News: Rhett will be giving his 2 weeks notice at work on Monday, and starting a new job soon.  Rhett and I are excited about his new opportunity and would appreciate your prayers as our family makes this transition.  The boys are back in school, and were both greeted with smaller class sizes (Aiden's has 16 and Ethan's 15), as well as the teachers I had hoped for.  Aly starts on Monday, we went on Fri to meet her teacher and see who was in her class (they have two classes and they mix the girls up every year).  Aly's teacher will be great,  the teachers aide is also one of her favorites and she was thrilled to have some of her favorite girls in her class. (there are 12 in her class) 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beautiful Wedding + Family = Priceless Memories

In every family there are those few family members who are uniters.  It is them that brings the entire family together.  Well in my extended family my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ann have always filled that role.  This wedding was no exception.  So today on 08-08-2008 my cousin Allison married her love Jeremy.  Aly was thrilled that Allison asked her to be the flower girl.

Aly before the ceremony, checking herself out in the mirror.

Uncle Jim (father of the bride) and Ano before the ceremony.

Ano and Aly waiting for the bride.

Ano takes a break.

Stephanie and Ano at the rehersal.

Aly before the ceremony.

The Happy Couple!

Aly and her Godmother Stephanie. Stephanie also is a uniter in our family, I can remember when we were kids she would always try to get everyone involved in fun activities.  Her enthusiasm for life, and spirit of joy are a few of the reason's Rhett and I asked her to be Aly's Godmother.

The boys had fun tonight too, this is Aiden and Aly dancing.  Allison and Jeremy's first dance was very sweet, and beautiful...and Aiden and Aly tried their hardest to emulate it.  They even got the dip down.

Aly and Aiden tearing it up.

Long Day!

Marriage is a beautiful sacrament.  My marriage has brought me countless blessings, and I am just so happy for Allison and Jeremy that they too will get to experience their lives together.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Theobald Three

Theobald Three

Here are some pics of our three.  They are still "stairsteps".  Generally speaking they are a team, and they take good care of each other.  Like all siblings they have their moments.  It is hard for me to believe that I am Mother to an almost 8 , 7 and 5 year old.  I am however, eternally grateful that I get to experience them growing up's an amazing journey to be a part of!  When we get home I will post each one by themselves, and describe them and their personalities for those of you who don't get to be a part of their daily lives.

More Summer Fun in Panama City

Last night we ate dinner in our condo, and then headed out for ice cream.

Ethan went with the frozen bananna!
Aiden had ice cream, as did Aly.

We had fun browsing Ron Jon Surf Shop, Rhett and I thought of his brother Reece, and wished he was here as we know he would have loved Ron Jon!

Aly being goofy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Panama City

So we are in Panama City, wrapping up our summer.  This is the first time the kids have had more than a few minutes at the beach, and they are really enjoying it! For me it reminds me of beach trips I took with my Parents, and Rhett says it is unlike any beach he has ever experienced...hope you enjoy the pictures of today.

The kids have enjoyed the beach.  They think the hermit crabs that scatter at night are hillarious, here's Aiden trying to catch one.

Aly loving the sand.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The First Ever Theobald Family Sandcastle!

Look a seashell.

More sand Mom!