Monday, November 22, 2010


I am thankful for:

    Three amazing children, who all arrived in my life in God's perfect timing, who are such individuals there is no doubt we were all created with purpose in mind.

     my husband who is an amazing Dad, and even after 11 years is still my best friend.

     living in a place that just feels like home.

     the Oaks.

    passion.  I am passionate about my job, my field of study, and my future career.

    peacefulness.  We live in an area that is peaceful, and serene.  There is no road rage taking the kids to school, rather lambs grazing, horses playing, and occasionally a loose calf in the middle of the road.

   community. Our families lives are better because we are part of a community.
    Teachers who hug students.

    My Father.

    The time I got to spend with those who are no longer here.

     Library Friday's.


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