Saturday, May 30, 2009


Wow, it's been SOOOO long since I blogged. I joyously finished up my semester at UL about 3 weeks ago. I had never taken 20 credit hours (that's 6 classes) before...and I hope never to again! It was a long semester, but the outcome grades and all were really good. There are several accomplishments like never having to take history or algebra again that made the semester very worthwhile. The kids finished up school for the year a week ago. Both boys ended on Honor Roll for the year. Ethan had the privilege (note the definite sarcasm) of participating in "High Stakes Standardized Testing" which of course is mandated by No Child Left Behind... so we were all anxiously awaiting those results. He did well. Scoring well above the state average in everything... but scoring a 98% on the reading comprehension portion. The sad reality of standardized testing is that once they test in April the teachers feel like there is nothing left to teach.

The boys have been very active in Boy Scouts and both advanced a rank this year. Ethan will be a WEBLO and Aiden a Bear Scout next year.

Boy Scout trip to Houston Space Center

Aiden at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park.

Since the heat of the Louisiana summer is here we have begun a routine of spending weekends at the University pool. There is no better place to pass the humid days of summer than the pool!

Spring Break this year found the kids and I in Panama City Beach, Florida. A good friend is the morning radio co host on 94.5 KSMB here in Lafayette. Their morning show hit the road for the break, and Ali (my friend) invited us along. We all very much enjoyed the beach, and it left us wanting to go back....SOON!

The first week of our summer break the kids had the chicken pox. All had fairly mild cases, and are fine now. So now the real summer break can begin. We have a busy summer planned. I am taking summer school for the first time ever, as well as teaching summer classes through the University as I have done in summer past. Aiden's mornings will be spent at reading camp at UL, and Aly and Ethan will spend some mornings at daycamp, some at Vacation Bible School...etc. Rhett heard about where kids can bowl up to two games a day for we've been hitting the bowling alley a few times a week as well. Once summer winds down the kids and I are planning a LONG road trip to visit family and friends.

I am enjoying my time with the kids. There are few dull or quiet moments in our house! Ethan began reading the Harry Potter series shortly after Christmas and is now almost done with book 5. Rhett and I are delighted that he has come to enjoy reading as much as he has. Aiden tends to spend alot of time writing and drawing. He seems to enjoy being creative. Aly is practicing her writing skills, is learning to read and is counting down the days to next soccer season.

We are all happy, and healthy.