Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Theobald Family.  We are all doing well, and enjoying our time together as a family.  Somehow this year I just never pulled together a Christmas Card, I do however have some words I want to share with others so watch your mailboxes for New Years Cards.

This year once again finds us at home South Louisiana.  We adore the community in which we live, and consistently are finding more and more ways to stay out of "town" and shop, eat and live within the small community we live in. 

Ethan, is 10 this year. After a year of homeschooling joined the school community at St. John Berchmans.  He loves his new school, is a successful student, and for the most part a joy to be around.  This year he played soccer for the first time, and is looking forward to the spring season.  Archery, camping and boy scouts are things he gladly fills his time with.

Aiden, is 9 this year and also joined St. John Berchmans.  He too is a great student, enjoys his friends and school, and keeps Rhett and I smiling and on our toes.  He was also able to play soccer for his school this year with Ethan, and proved to do pretty well at goalie.  Aiden is an intense sports fan, and catches his favorite teams (the Yankee's, the Saint's and the Steelers) whenever they play on TV.  Baseball season last year was a delight for him, and he's ready to play again! 

Aly, is 7 this year.  She remains at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  In celebrating her 7th birthday she remarked that she had been an "ASH" girl more than half of her life! Somehow I suspect she'll always be an "ASH girl".  This was her 3rd year playing soccer, and certainly won't be her last.  She loves it, and when it is not soccer season, she wants to know how long until soccer season. 

Rhett is working in the IT industry still, and is grateful to be employed.  He finds his enjoyment in his life as a Dad.  Whether it is weekend activities, a pick up football game in the back yard, or helping with homework ... our three blessings absorb the majority of his time and energy.

I am working part time for a non profit organization, and enjoying feeling like what I do matters.  Of course, my role as Mom still occupies most of my thoughts and energy. My perfect Friday during the day is spent helping out at the kids schools.  My role as student has changed a bit, as I have completed my Bachelors and am now working on my Masters. 

We will be sneaking away later next week for 3 nights of camping.  I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year next to a campfire just the 5 of us!  I hope our update finds all of you and yours happy, and healthy!

Amy and all

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