Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures from At&t Summit 2008- Scottsdale, Az

Rhett with the other Customer Service Winners! We had the opportunity to spend time with most of those in this picture...what a great group of people.

Golf Course View...Rhett's team won the golf scramble!

View from our room.

View of part of the resort pool...which was huge, had a swim up bar and resturant.

Downtown Scottsdale.

Dinner the last evening of our a place called the venue. One big event, the center made to look like Bourbon Street with a stage in the middle, and off to the sides lots of themed "bars"...a biker bar complete with tatoo's(airbrushed) and Harley pics, a New Orleans bar complete with casino games, a New York Pub could hear and see the center stage from almost anywhere inside...we had a lot of fun. They also did live band karaoke which was alot of fun to watch too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mom and Dad got spoiled!

Some of you know that Rhett won a Service Excellence Award at work. He is the only one in Lafayette ever to win one. Well he was also chosen as a Summit Award winner...which is recognition of the "best of the best" of At&t. As a Summit Award winner Rhett won an all expense paid trip to Scottsdale Az. We left on Saturday, and came back late on Tuesday. My Dad and Tracy were nice enough to keep the kids for us...and all weekend we were spoiled! The Phoenician Resort is an amazing property, the rooms were top notch and the service rivaled that of Disney (which rates high in our book) At&t also had activities planned for us. I got two days at the spa, and Rhett got one day on the golf course and one day at the spa. His team won the golf scramble so that was an added bonus. There was a short "business meeting" where awards were presented and the vision for 08 was discussed, a formal dinner banquet where Melinda Dolittle preformed for us, dancing, dinner out in the desert, and dinner at a place called the venue...which included casino games, live band karoke and was just a ton of fun. Every evening when we returned to our room we were greeted with chocolates on the pillow, and a gift from At& night it was polo shirts, one night windbreakers, and the last night a digital photo frame. We met some great people, and had the privilege to get to know some of the executives a little better. Rhett's job at At&t has always been a blessing to our family, and this was absolutely no different. As a wife, it was a very fulfilling thing to see my husband honored for doing his job well! All weekend they kept saying "Your spouse is the best of the best in our industry" and I kept thinking, he's also the best of the best at home...what more could I ask for! I have a ton of pictures, I will post sometime tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amazing Game! Jayhawks win the 2008 NCAA title

Thanks to this is what downtown Mass street in Lawrence looked like last night! While our living room wasn't nearly as crowded you can guarantee it was pretty noisy! Obviously, we are estatic with the outcome....but wow it really was a good game. There is nothing worse in my opinion when a championship game is a blow out!

So now the big question is will Bill Self stay at Kansas, or be bought by OSU! Of course as Kansas fans, people who's second son's middle name is Lawrence, can not imagine why anyone would want to leave Lawrence for Oklahoma (have you ever been to Oklahoma) but if he'll suck, but we'll embrace our next coach (who this female non sports expert thinks should be Danny Manning) and although we live in LSU land our kids will continue to grow up cheering for KU in football and basketball! So even though we cheer win or lose...winning sure is fun!!

Thanks to the players and Coach Self for a great night of entertainment!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jayhawk Basketball!

So anyone who knows us knows we are big Jayhawk fans (University of Kansas). Because we are true fans (Rhett is an alumni) we love them win or lose, but how exciting is a big win against the over-rated North Carolina Tarheels!!!

Just a sidenote from a female fan, but not a true sports expert...anyone notice how Roy chokes in big games and that he's never taken a team that he fully recruited to the big dance?

Here's the bedtime prayer Rhett and I will be saying: (Thanks Valerie for emailing it to us!)
Our Father, who art in Lawrence,
> Hallowed be thy Game.
> Thy tourney come,
> Thy championship will be done,
> In San Antonio as it is in Allen Field House.
> Give us this day our deserved victories.
> And forgive us our turnovers,
> As we forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.
> And lead us not into defeat,
> But deliver us from East Coast bias,
> For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,
> And the tradition,
> And the glory,
> For ever and ever.
> Amen.
> BEAK 'EM HAWKS!!!!!!!

While a win on Monday would be SO sweet! Win or lose we will delight for the next year in the way the Jayhawks handled up on UNC!!! Hey Roy I think your old enough to retire now!