Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life as Usual

Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending the day with Troy and Bonnie, and their three children Orry (who Ethan keeps calling Ozzy) Isaac (who is at that cute almost two age) and Annie (who Ethan thinks should ve been named Tronnie).  Above the good company of Troy and Bonnie, it is fun to be around a family who has some commonalities with our own.  6 years ago we had 3 little ones age 3 and under.  At that time we were in Idaho, plotting our move.  We really had no idea what was next, just knew Idaho wouldn't be the place that we stayed.

Since moving to Louisiana we have always been surrounded by family when we need it most.  It's not a daily thing or even a monthly thing sometimes, but our first 3 years here it was always when we had that need .. you know the one that is deep inside that you that you may not even realize is there until it is a filled up after a nice visit with those you love.  In the last 2 years those visits have decreased, with my Uncle/Godfather passing away and my Aunt/Godmother moving (to all places Idaho) there were those days where Louisiana began to feel as lonely as Idaho did.  Our hearts and spirits however are being filled on a  daily basis by the friends that have become more like family.  On those days when I have that need for those family members I am missing I end up picking up the phone, and calling one of those people I just need to hear their voice.  I am excited that several of those people we miss often we will be getting to spend  a week with this summer, all of Rhett's siblings and his parents will be together for several days in July.  The kids are excited to see cousins, and I am excited to see the rest of the clan.

Our days are filled with baseball games and theater rehearsals.   Ethan is dancing and singing up a storm in preparation for the big show Seussical Jr.  Aiden is loving every minute of baseball, and does little else.  Aly is happily floating between being the tomboy throwing balls with Aiden and the drama queen practicing songs and dance moves with Ethan.  We are embracing the spring, and bracing for the Louisiana summer. I even started putting together our hurricane kit together today.  We are planting a garden, working on landscaping, and playing alot of catch outside.  There is a possibility of a new member of the family soon, not of the human species.