Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Last Day, Epcot!

Day 4

After our late night, we didn't even get a wake up call. We all woke up around 8:30 and showered and took our time. It was about 10am before we got to Epcot. Since we had already spent half of the day at Epcot we didn't feel rushed to get anywhere. So we asked Ethan where he wanted to go. We hadn't done the Seas area on our first day so we headed there. Our first ride was Nemo, and then we went upstairs and enjoyed all of the aquariums and the Dolphins. Our lunch reservation was at 11:10 so we went to find the restaurant when we realized that I had made our reservations at a restaurant that was not even in Epcot. I still have no idea how I did this, I really thought the restaurant was in Epcot...so I quickly, said well there is a restaurant below the aquarium let's go see if we can get in there... now keep in mind you can book reservations up to 180 days in advance, and this is during free dining which means most restaurants were booked ages ago! So we go into Coral Reef and I see a sign saying they don't open until 11:30 (It is 11:10 at this time) but pick up the white phone for dining reservations...well no luck, no openings at Coral Reef. The nice lady on the other end says where else can I try, and I say Canada kinda laughing because Le Cellier in Canada fills up at 160 days out alot of times....when she says "are you in the park?' I say "Yes, Ma'am" and she says she has an opening at 11:30. Wow, how lucky Rhett and I both wanted to eat there forever, but neither of our last trips could we get reservations. Also, this was Ethan's second place in Epcot he wanted to eat because there are french speaking parts of Canada. So we get to the restaurant and the poor couple in front of us had no reservations and were being told, they were unable to seat them today, tomorrow or any other time during their trip...they were booked solid. The meal was amazing. The kids all had Cheddar Cheese soup, steak, and a chocolate moose (it was mousse shaped like a moose, the ears were maple leaf cookies). After lunch the kids wanted to go around all of the worlds and get their Disney Passports stamped, so after riding Test Track and Mission Space that's what we did. We took our time and went through almost all of the countries in the world showcase. We ended up in France around 5:00 and that's where our dinner reservations were. We had a very sweet older gentleman for a server who took the time to speak in French to the boys. We all enjoyed that experience as well as the food. After dinner, we went on Mission Space one more time, Rhett decided to stay behind and get a bottle of water. As we walked into the ride a Cast Member approached us and asked us if we would be the Family of the Hour. We of course said yes, so we got to go into Mission Control and the kids got to see how the ride works, flip all sorts of switches and then we got escorted to the front of the line for the ride! It was really cool, I couldn't believe Rhett missed out on it! I have some great pics of this day too, I ll work on uploading them soon. After Mission Space we asked Ethan what he wanted to do and he said "Swim" so we headed back to the hotel, and to the pool. My Aunt came and visited with us for a while, and the kids were fish for the rest of the night. It was a perfect ending to a much needed getaway for our family. Every time we take trips there are things that stand out in my mind, this trip is no different. We're already looking forward to the next time we get to escape "real life" for uninterrupted play time!

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