Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

We are in the middle of Gustav... it is windy, and rainy, but we are all safe and sound watching movies, and the kids are playing.

We left our house early this morning, to come to a friends house that is more central Lafayette. This is a pic of some of the "supplies" we brought.
Most of the day we've been watching the weather...but you can only watch it so long! So right now we re watching Die Hard 3 and the kids are playing with moon sand.

First thing this morning we made a big batch of Honey Nut Cheerio rice crispy treats.... they were yummy!

The winds began picking up around noon, joined by rain. Ali and Kent thought it would be a great time to fly kites.

A little note about Ali's hair~ yes it is teal! September is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, Ali is a cervical cancer survivor...and also a morning co-host for local radio....She's using her hair to bring attention to Cancer Prevention!

Rhett tried out a Hot Tamale Popsicle...he says they are awesome!

The winds are picking up a little more, leaves and stuff are flying...but we still have power!
We continue to wait out the storm and pray for the best!
The Theobald Family 3:39PM

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