Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav~~ Part DEUX

The worst is over...and we are all safe, and happy...and barbequeing.

Here's Aly and Na crafting while waiting for the hurricane.

And about an hour and a half after the storm Rhett and I were able to get out and head home to survey our damage....
We lost half of a tree, a section of fence, part of our barn...but everything else is fine.
We have no power, due to a gas leak down the road. We will be staying the night with Ali and Kent, and heading back to start the yard cleanup tomorrow.  Hopefully, the power won't be out for too long. 

We are relieved, and thankful at the small amount of "damage" to our property, and that we all came through the storm safe and healthy.

Please keep those in the Thibodaux/Houma area in your prayers, as most evacuated...but suffered some major property damage and will not be allowed in until roads and down powerlines can be cleared.  

As Gustav continues we pray that tornado's and rain not be harmful.

The Theobald Family, Lafayette, LA 7:21pm

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