Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today is Aiden's Birthday.  Although all of our Children are gifts from God, from the day we found out Aiden was a boy I have had a strong feeling that Aiden was sent because Ethan needed him. I still feel that way. They were meant to be a team.

From the time Aiden was itty, bitty he has been strong willed, competitive, persistent, and driven. He also is sensitive, affectionate and passionate.

Here he is at age one.

At almost two.

By age Three Aiden showed Rhett and I how much he loved to paint, draw and do anything artistic.  It's so funny if you gave both Ethan and Aiden a box of markers and paper when they were 3 you would get drastically different results.  Ethan would stack and link the markers together to build something, Aiden would take them out and draw.

Here he is at age 4, he has always loved school, and loves to excel in school.

At age 5 he started kindergarten at the same school as Ethan, and would get so mad when Ethan would wait to walk him to the car after school..."Im not a baby" he would fuss at Ethan.

Although, Aiden is very in tune with his siblings, and very close to both of them...he is never afraid to strike out on his own.  He is a leader, not a follower most of the time.

Aiden is a fun loving little boy who is full of life.

Aiden keeps us laughing.  On our surprise trip to Disney World we realized he is a screamer, on rollercoasters he yell's MAAAAMMMMAAA as the top of his lungs, and then giggles uncontrollably.  He also sings quite a few tunes in the shower.  He is bright, and amazingly quick with numbers. He is fiesty as ever, and keeps both Aly and Ethan on their toes! That's our Aiden, he's seven today!

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