Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year Luck?

On January 1st Rhett skeptically ate a large helping of greens and black eyed peas, as did I.  I wasn't about to be the one to insure a year of bad luck by not eating the appropriate foods.  So far there is no evidence that it helped our luck any. The first part of January has been rough around here ... There's been car trouble, an IPhone thats screen shattered, a television that broke, doggie drama, and kids whose clothes aren't able to handle their enthusiastic play.  Perhaps however, it has allowed me to exercise my perspective.  None of these things that broke were/are absolute necessities.  The car is the closest thing to a necessity, and Rhett and I had already been trying to sharpen our self sustainability skills by researching and being able to fix our own cars.  So Rhett repaired our car for $1.78 and 30 minutes of his time, the quote from the shop was $150 dollars minimum.  Thank you Lord for my resourceful Hubby!  The biggest victory I suppose is being able to keep a sense of humor about it all.  My second semester of grad school started this week, and I am excited about my classes.  I m crossing my fingers and toes that Feb. is less traumatic in our household!

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Bonnie and Troy said...

Hooray for D-I-Y auto repair!