Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay, it's Month 2 of 12

It's finally Feb. which means spring is near! Tonight, we are hunkered down for a winter storm, which is all very comical to us because we ve lived aways above I-10 for significant periods of time.  I however, am happy to play along! I make sure the dogs have extra food, the pipes are taken care of, make a nice big gumbo, and bake some bread! I welcome the schools closing with open arms, and am looking forward to an unplanned free day with three of my favorite people tomorrow. If it does snow, I will rush the kids outside demanding that they enjoy it before it melts.  When picking up the kiddo's from school today, I noticed all the horses had on their coats, and the barn keeper was bringing them in loads of fresh hay.
They will all be warm and well fed.

 Last month I started parent-child journals with the kids.  It's been fun to write notes to each other daily.  It gives them that chance to express things to me that we may not find the time to talk about with the whole family around. I tend to gush all of the good things I feel in my heart about them onto the page.  With the boys though I find that in the journal they will write me back and say thanks, or I love you too ... where if I said it out loud they would groan and roll their eyes.  It's been nice, I feel like I get a little piece of individual attention with each one everyday!


Bonnie and Troy said...

I love that idea of journals. You get to automatically document it all too (just by doing it!)--and probably down the years it will be most precious.

Also, the extra writing practice is great communication practice!

MamaT said...

i love the idea too! that's a GREAT idea!!!