Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference's and Report Cards

It's that time already. Ethan made all A's and B's with the exception of an 82%C in French Spelling. Aiden all A's and B's which put him on honor roll. As always I am quite present at the Boy's school. Both have great teachers. Ethan's teachers are great, and seem to understand him well. Both are happy with Ethan as a student especially since it is a rare day that he does not have an A in conduct. Aiden's teachers are the same teachers Ethan had last year. I was happy with them then, and I continue to be. I do get notes sometimes saying "Aiden is a very interesting little boy" primarily from the French teacher, not sure what that's about but it is humorous. Aly of course doesn't get grades yet but her parent teacher conference went something like this... Ms.Sonier "Do you have any concerns or question s?" Me, "No, not really." Ms. Sonier "Good, you have no need to be." Me, "Is Aly on track academically, and socially?" Ms. Sonier "She excels at everything we do and I love teaching her!" ... Of course we small talked a little but that was the meat of it. I drop in as often as possible to watch lessons at Aly's school as well, and she is engaged, happy, and challenged. So the generality here is they are all doing well!

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