Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aly is 5!

Aly, a.k.a Sweetie!

Aly was our smallest baby. Weighing in at 7lbs 13oz.

From the moment she was conceived she was the "little sister."

Each of the boys definitely had their own personalities and quirks from the day they were born, but as infants they were alot alike.  When Aly came along, it was a totally different experience.  Sleep wise the boys never would sleep in their cribs, Aly craved hers.  Nighttime was not the boys favorite time to sleep, from 6 weeks Aly slept all night.  So while it seemed that Aly was the "easier" baby, we soon learned that it wasn't a matter of easier...but different! From the time she started talking we realized that with our boys the "hard work" was physical, it was chasing after them, wrestling with them, loving on them, keeping them from climbing the walls...with Aly the "hard work" was and is emotional.  Everything is up for discussion or debate.  We must analyze every conversation and interaction, and then we must talk about it at least three times!

Being the 3rd she's always been trying to catch up with what the other two are doing.  There has never been a time when Aly has understood the practical limits that should apply because of her chronological age.

At age Two and a Half she began Taekwondo, because she decided it was time for her to join class with her brothers. The instructor told her only if she could focus and keep up, that was never a problem.  Between age 2 and 3 she climbed her first rock wall, went down adult size waterslides without thinking twice about it, flew about 25 feet in the air attached to a bungee harness.
At age 3 she fell in love with her baby dolls, dressing them caring for them etc.  From 18 months or so she has tried to "Mommy" Ethan and Aiden (much to their dismay)!

At age 4 she started school at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  The all girl environment and the small classes have only nurtured her strong will, and soft heart!  She is creative, funny, and articulate. She is extremely loving.  Often times getting your attention from across the room just to say "I Love You".

People who don't see us alot ask so is she a girly girl or a tomboy.  There is no clear cut answer to this.  She loves pink and princess' and truly believes she is a princess, but she can hold her own with her brothers, in taekwondo and now on the soccer field.  She is aggressive in a competitive situation, but also highly empathetic and compassionate.  The boys like most brothers are protective of her, but at times just want her to be quiet!    Aloysia means great warrior, which besides the familial connection we picked her name for it's meaning.  It is important for women to be strong, and resilient.  It is a blessing as a Mom to get the privilege to watch two sweet boys grow into young men, as is it to experience a precious little girl grow into a young woman.  

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