Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy, Busy

It's been a busy few weeks. I ve been teaching a few nights a week, as well as a full day during the week, as well as keeping up with school, kids etc. Last Friday it was Grandparents Day, my Dad came down and attended all of the events at Aly's school. The boys happened to be out of school for teacher inservice that same day so they all got some good "PaPa" time. I ll post pictures tomorrow from Grandparents Day and the last few weeks.

The weather has been fabulous, just a little rain here and there. The kids have all been in great moods, and it really has been just a good couple of weeks. Aly went for her first sleepover last night, and is of course excited about that. The boys in turn got a fun time with Dad all alone, and went to Home Depot for the kids clinic this morning and both built some pretty fierce race cars. Pictures coming soon!

We got some cool news from Idaho. Reece (Rhett's brother) adopted his two although we always viewed them as nephews...they now also carry the Theobald last name. So we are happy that those legal proceedings went the way Reece, Kelli and the kids wanted them to!

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