Monday, March 24, 2008

Snowing during Spring Break!!

This morning we attended a time share sales presentation. Rhett and I are a little weird in the fact we kinda like going to these....any time we re on vacation and we get an offer we usually go! One day we will buy a timeshare of some sort, so we like to see what all the different companies offer....and we like the freebies so for 2 hours of our time today we got breakfast (the whole family ate) the kids got to play at the kids club and then we got 5 tickets to the indoor waterpark that we were planning to go to anyways (tickets cost 20 a thats a savings of $100) we also got a $25 gift card to TGIFridays, and two nights free at any of their hotels. It was a nice property, we're just not in the market! And of course you can buy timeshares through internet resellers for 10% of the price that they sell them at these presentations.

It has snowed on and off all day today, which is fabulous as far as the kids are concerned. We came back to our condo this afternoon and swam, we just popped popcorn and are just hanging out. It certainly has been nice to relax. Tomorrow we will spend the day at the indoor waterpark, which should be fun!

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