Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thankful for Mardi Gras!

If you would have told me several years ago before we moved here that I would be thankful for Mardi Gras I would have laughed long and hard and told you that you were crazy. Here's my thinking on the matter... Any holiday which grants me three days of no school where time with your family is in encouraged is great in my book! Saturday we got up as a family a little early packed a picnic lunch and headed to the parade route we lucked into a parking spot that we could back the car into pop the hatch and "camp out" a few feet from the parade baracades. The kids played crazy eights, blew bubbles, and people watched until the parade began. Once the parade started it was raining beads, cups and stuffed animals. All three of the kiddo's were catching as fast as they could and loved every minute of it. We returned home around 3 in the afternoon, where everyone took naps. It was a fun day.
On Tuesday, Rhett had to work :( but the kids and I headed down to the parade route again found a great spot and hung out for the day. We had a picnic, the kids played hacky sack, drew with sidewalk chalk (which some fellow paradegoers so nicely shared) blew bubbles etc. Again once the parade started they had a blast, and were thankful for some great people around us that would catch and give to them, when one of them caught something there was always someone who gave them a high five and told them "good job". The day certainly was long (3 parades in one day) we got there around 8:15am and stayed til around 4pm.

I know public intoxication, and indecency sometimes abounds at such events, but we were quite lucky. Although we did see people drinking, none were doing so irresponsibly, no one was rude, it truly was a good community experience. Lafayette Mardi Gras seems to be laid back and perfect for families. We did observe a good number of police officers specifically walking the crowds looking for underage and out of control drinkers.

I have some cute pics of our trio that I will post in a little while. Today the boys are back in school and I am headed back tomorrow...but the little post Christmas break was quite a nice respit for our family.

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