Wednesday, February 6, 2008

School Events

All of the kids celebrated the Mardi Gras season at school as well. This was especially a welcome change for the boys, because at their previous school the principal ( who the kids liken to the principal in the movie Matilda) allowed no parties or celebrations for any events at school. So they were pumped that they got to make shoe box size mardi gras floats and pull them in their school parade. Ethan made a Ben 10 float and Aiden made a float with an elephant riding on it.

Aly had been doing activities for several weeks. They culminated their Mardi Gras season with the little girls (preK3, 4 and Kindergarteners) putting on a parade for the older girls. They walked through the gallery area of the school and were met by cheers and lots of "Throw me something Sister" from parents and other students, it was really cute, and fun for all.

I am thankful that all of the kids this year are in a school that embraces fun, and that they enjoy!

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