Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wrapping up the year.

The Christmas "break" is half over, and I m already dreading the end. The last few days have been heavenly, as Rhett and I were both off of work and we had some down time as a family. Today it rained, and rained, and rained. The kids rooms got some much needed attention, and we got some things better organized in hopes that the kids will be able to keep on top of it easier. Knowing that it is highly likely within the next 3 years that we will have to move, we are motivated to try to keep the clutter down. This week my goal is for the kids and I to go through and clear out cabinets that have become catch all's, as well as getting the Christmas Tree taken down. This year we bought a real tree, so we just need to undecorate it and take it to the curb.

About a week before Christmas I went through our everyday dishes and after much thought, discussing it with Rhett, I decided to take the drastic step of getting rid of all but one cup,plate and bowl per person.(I have nice dishes to use when we have guests) I had read an article in one of my Christain Mom magazines that suggested this as an end to the overheaping sink and dish battle, further more a great way to teach kids to do their own dishes...with a natural consequence that if your dish isn't clean you can't eat. Several times the kids have said "Mom where's my dinner?" with my response,"Your dish wasn't clean." The situation has remedied itself within minutes, and no one has gone hungry. Now most of the time after dinner one of the kids ends up washing their and their siblings dishes, they seem to quite equitably take turns and mediate it amongst themselves. I am happy to have an empty sink most of the time!

As we usher in 2009, I m hoping some of our basic household chores can become easier and less of a battle.
So what are your New Years Resolutions?

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