Monday, July 28, 2008

The Summer is almost over.

So the last few weeks have been super crazy. The weekend of the 19th we went to Hattiesburg for a Bridal Shower, it was nice to see alot of the women in my extended family, and meet our most recent addition. Aly enjoyed herself as well, (she is the flower girl for the upcoming wedding). Ethan is still in his summer reading camp, and Aly and Aiden have been bouncing around from thing to thing. Last week Rhett took few half days off and took the kids to Apple Camp in Baton Rouge for Kids Iphoto camp and IMovie.

They came up with some cute little clips I ll have to share later.

Last Weekend 7/26/2008 Ethan and Aiden tested for their next belt in Taekwondo, this was a big I have said in other posts the transitions to the older class has been a rocky one, and this is the first time they have tested in about 5 months. They both worked very hard this testing cycle and mastered their material. They were both very satisfied with their accomplishments! They both earned their blue belts!

This week I am wrapping up getting all ready for the boys to start school, as they will start the day we get back from our vacation/wedding trip.

This week the kids are all at "Camp Chill" at the Ice Skating rink. Ethan is at his reading camp in the morning, this is our last true week of summer...and I don't know where it went!
I apologize for the generic pics this morning, but I am teaching a class at the University, so I am using this as an example in teaching kids blogging!

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