Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ATA World Championships 2008

So we made our second trip to the ATA world championships. This will likely continue to be a yearly tradition, at least until we move out of driving distance from Arkansas. This year was different than last year in some ways, and the same in some. The same: everyone had a great time, we all were amazed by the talent level, it was a great reminder of why we all love the sport and the ATA. Different: we met alot of people from all over the country, the boys both competed in divisions in which they were scored and placed,my Dad didn't come but Rhett's parents did.

Aly bowing in for competition.
Aly waiting for her turn.
Aly is in the all Black Gear, she was excited there was another girl in her round so she got to spar a girl! At our local school she always ends up sparring boys who are quite a bit older. They both did well, it was a good match.
The division Aly is in (Tiny Tigers) is un-scored, but the judge did compliment both girls on their technique. Just as a coincidence the other little girl (her name was Maggie) and her family were in the same hotel as we were, so the girls got to know each other! Their family is from Kansas, and I look forward to seeing them again at other tournaments!

And the Trophy's!

This year was different and new for Aiden. He moved up from Tiny Tigers to the regular class about 6 months ago and it has been quite the adjustment, they are responsible for alot more material. At tournaments they are judged by three judges (one watches hand position, one feet position, and one overall knowledge... so each move of the form is judged from 3 different perspectives) they are then scored on a scale similar to gymnastics 9.4 , etc... in sparring they get three minutes, and it goes to 5 points...if time expires whoever is ahead wins. We haven't attended a tournament since Worlds last year, so this was the first tournament that Ethan and Aiden were scored, as well as being moved up to the next age bracket because of it being the first tournament of the year.
Aiden doing his form.

Aiden sparring, in all black gear.
In the end Aiden received a 9.5,9.5, and a 9.6 on his form placing him 4th out of about 14 competitors. In sparring he lost his first match by one point because time expired. The little boy he lost to won 1st in all three events. He learned alot, and considering he completed his entire 44 move form by himself for the first time ever he did quite well! Most importantly after a little frustration of running out of time in sparring he was all smiles, and enjoyed himself!

Ethan waiting his turn.
Ethan doing his form.

Ethan Sparring.

Ethan Awaiting awards. In the end Ethan recieved a 9.4,9.2, and 9.4 on his form. And fought his way to 3rd place in sparring out of about 14 kids. It was a big accomplishment for him as well to get through his form with minimal mistakes. Also, because of the way the tournament year falls he was moved up an age bracket to the 8-10 group. So he was one of the youngest competitors in this ring. He too enjoyed the tournament.

This Pic is from the 2008 ATA World Championships Opening ceremonies, it is the team event. Check out the height he got on that flip!
And while waiting for Aiden's round to begin we caught some Tiny Tiger Xtreme Martial Art's...and I thought this little boy was too cute...little boys with big swords, what could make a boy happier...of a friend with a sword too!

I have video that I will be compiling and youtubing later this month.
Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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