Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures from At&t Summit 2008- Scottsdale, Az

Rhett with the other Customer Service Winners! We had the opportunity to spend time with most of those in this picture...what a great group of people.

Golf Course View...Rhett's team won the golf scramble!

View from our room.

View of part of the resort pool...which was huge, had a swim up bar and resturant.

Downtown Scottsdale.

Dinner the last evening of our a place called the venue. One big event, the center made to look like Bourbon Street with a stage in the middle, and off to the sides lots of themed "bars"...a biker bar complete with tatoo's(airbrushed) and Harley pics, a New Orleans bar complete with casino games, a New York Pub could hear and see the center stage from almost anywhere inside...we had a lot of fun. They also did live band karaoke which was alot of fun to watch too!

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