Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amazing Game! Jayhawks win the 2008 NCAA title

Thanks to ljworld.com this is what downtown Mass street in Lawrence looked like last night! While our living room wasn't nearly as crowded you can guarantee it was pretty noisy! Obviously, we are estatic with the outcome....but wow it really was a good game. There is nothing worse in my opinion when a championship game is a blow out!

So now the big question is will Bill Self stay at Kansas, or be bought by OSU! Of course as Kansas fans, people who's second son's middle name is Lawrence, can not imagine why anyone would want to leave Lawrence for Oklahoma (have you ever been to Oklahoma) but if he does...it'll suck, but we'll embrace our next coach (who this female non sports expert thinks should be Danny Manning) and although we live in LSU land our kids will continue to grow up cheering for KU in football and basketball! So even though we cheer win or lose...winning sure is fun!!

Thanks to the players and Coach Self for a great night of entertainment!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

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