Friday, August 8, 2008

Beautiful Wedding + Family = Priceless Memories

In every family there are those few family members who are uniters.  It is them that brings the entire family together.  Well in my extended family my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ann have always filled that role.  This wedding was no exception.  So today on 08-08-2008 my cousin Allison married her love Jeremy.  Aly was thrilled that Allison asked her to be the flower girl.

Aly before the ceremony, checking herself out in the mirror.

Uncle Jim (father of the bride) and Ano before the ceremony.

Ano and Aly waiting for the bride.

Ano takes a break.

Stephanie and Ano at the rehersal.

Aly before the ceremony.

The Happy Couple!

Aly and her Godmother Stephanie. Stephanie also is a uniter in our family, I can remember when we were kids she would always try to get everyone involved in fun activities.  Her enthusiasm for life, and spirit of joy are a few of the reason's Rhett and I asked her to be Aly's Godmother.

The boys had fun tonight too, this is Aiden and Aly dancing.  Allison and Jeremy's first dance was very sweet, and beautiful...and Aiden and Aly tried their hardest to emulate it.  They even got the dip down.

Aly and Aiden tearing it up.

Long Day!

Marriage is a beautiful sacrament.  My marriage has brought me countless blessings, and I am just so happy for Allison and Jeremy that they too will get to experience their lives together.  

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