Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A few Pictures and it's all in the details.

Sorry for the blurriness, our camera's getting a little old. Anyway's this is Aly graduating Pre K 3.

Aly with Mrs. LeBlanc.

We've had a relaxing couple of days at home. I had to laugh yesterday when Rhett got home Aly had to tell him " I had a bologna and cheese sandwich with my broccoli and cheese soup for lunch, it was yummy" Aiden says, "I didn't even have lunch" Aly says yes you did "You had beanie weenies" Aiden says "Oh Yeah I forgot" Aly then went on to share every little detail of her day, when she changed clothes, what we did outside etc. Aiden says "We didn't do anything today." It's so funny to me how to Aly every little detail is of upmost importance, and with the boys the details really don't matter much.

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