Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

I love this picture! This was taken on the grounds of Aly's school. They call this place "Oak Alley" and when the Seniors graduate this is where they walk. I'm hoping to take this same picture at least once a year as our kids grow.

I guess you can say things are returning to normal after the holidays. The kids are back in school, we are all back in taekwondo, and Rhett and I are back to working our "normal" schedules. I ve started a new part time job, and yes I am still working at the casino. I am teaching computer classes (excel, word, powerpoint, publisher) for the Continuing Ed department at the University. It is an awesome opportunity that Rhett and I are really excited about, but it is not a set, steady amount of hours. I am hoping that for the first several months we can put the "extra" money in savings and once we have a cushion I can quit or dramatically cut my hours at the casino.

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